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"... OUTSTANDING! You have done a fantastic job of weaving personal interest items into a factual guide
Ron Coble
Coble International

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"Bill and Claire gave me the experience of a lifetime!"

Pat Taylor
North Carolina

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"We strongly recommend the Belize Relocation Tour…Bill and Claire do a wonderful job!"

Vance and Karen Titus
Formerly Seattle Washington
Currently Corozal Belize






"... Your book was worth the wait ... We've already recommended it to several people" 

Carl Franz,  Author of  The People's Guide to Mexico



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"Why not relocate to a tropical paradise where the weather is always warm, the living is cheap, and the locals speak English? ... One of our editors spent a week touring the diverse country ... from its palm-tree-studded beaches to the lush, rolling hills of its interior, home to spectacular 2,000  year-old Mayan ruins ... If you want to get away from crowds Belize may be your kind of place ... It is reminiscent of Key West 30-years ago..."






Mayan Temple Ruins




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Belize and TV

Did you know Belize has been featured on" Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," "60 Minutes," and "Temptation Island"? 





"Of all the books I've read on Belize, and I've read plenty, the writings of Bill and Claire Gray are the only works I've found that are written by expatriates actually living in Belize. Their writing is a love affair with Belize. If you want to find out about living in Belize they are where we should start. . ."
Roger Gallo, Author of Escape from America























"...Just returned from Belize--had a great time, will be returning in November. I just can't praise the retirement guide enough. It was with us all the time as a quick reference and gave my sister and I that special "edge." After practically memorizing Belize Retirement Guide before we departed, it was as if, when we arrived, we were visiting an old friend. I could find no category in which comment or assistance and addresses or phone numbers had not been included. Hats off to the Grays for...a most helpful book...P.S. We have found a house to rent and are planning on retiring in Belize"
 Barbary Drury, Columbus, Ohio




"...Much more than a "retirement" guide...I felt I had a guide by my side visiting Belize. No matter what you have heard about Belize...put it all out of your mind as you read this first hand story by the authors that have lived in Belize...they have put together an excellent "picture" of Belize...you can see it, hear it, feel it, and taste it! Along with this picture, they provide you with valuable contacts in Belize and the U.S.A. that can help you and save you money. Where to stay, where to eat, what to see...a complete guidebook!"

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A Bay and a Boat






What started as a 10 page photocopied letter home to friends, has evolved into a 144 page full color guide book.

Since the publication of the first edition of our "Belize Retirement Guide: How To Live in a Tropical Paradise on $450 a Month", it has remained the only book of its kind in print anywhere.

I remember in the late 1980's while planning our first trip to Belize, searching for a book that could help us. After scouring the shelves of several bookstores we found one, and only one, and was it ever boring! How the author made such a colorful, quirky place like Belize, sound so dry and flavorless I'll never know!

We set out to tell people what it's really like to live in Belize. We give you the step-by-step information that we wish we would have had.




We realize that you may think this sounds too good to be true... kind of like an "infomercial" ... Kiplinger's magazine thought so too when they interviewed us over the telephone... that's why they sent one of their editors to spend a week with us here in Belize before doing a feature article on us.




"We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your Relocation Tour in Belize. 

We have always talked about spending our retirement in a warmer climate, and we had read your wonderful book, and the supplimental information, but we didn't really know if such a big move would actually be possible for us. 

Your tour packed an incredible amount of information into a short week, and we now feel that we can confidently move forward toward our dream! 

The other members of our group were delightful.  Their enthusiasm and insight added to the overall satisfaction we felt for the tour.  We have had e-mail and calls from nearly half of the group, sharing ideas and photographs.  We feel that we have made several life-long friends.

We advise anyone who has been thinking about this type of lifestyle change to take your tour.  Even if they decide that Belize is not the place for them, they will have had an incredible adventure! 

Your knowledge and experience surpassed all of our expectations.  The accommodations and the food were perfect blend of familiar and exotic.  We plan to return to Belize at the end of the year!

Thanks Bill and Claire.  You're the best!" 

Kraig and Barbara Bartel, Estacada, Oregon


Dear Friends,

  You can live in a lovely home overlooking the Caribbean… swim in crystal clear water that stays a sensuous 85-degrees year-round … even during winter months!  

 You can walk on powdery white beaches caressed by palms swaying in the breeze … beaches so un-crowded, the only footprints in the sand may be yours…  

 You can eat your fill of luscious vine-ripened tropical fruits… pineapples, papayas, mangos … and fresh seafood like lobster, shrimp, conch and snapper…  

 You can enjoy some of the best snorkeling, scuba diving, and sport fishing in the world….

 You can live in year-round sunshine … even in the dead of winter… there’s never any snow, sleet, or ice … no more struggling to get out of bed on a frosty morning… you’ll never pay another heating bill again!  

 You can enjoy modern conveniences in your home … like high-speed Internet connections, cable TV, and fiber-optic telephone lines…  

You can enjoy the services of a maid and gardener…  

And you can do it all while living on a little as $450 a month … we should know, because we’ve been doing it ourselves for years in Belize…

We can show you how to enjoy this idyllic lifestyle….

Order our Belize Retirement Guide now!

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You can live virtually tax-free in Belize, under a special government program for foreigners…  

You can drive to Belize from Canada or the U.S., or travel by luxury cruise ship … or fly there from the U.S. in under 2 hours.  

 You can enjoy the lowest cost of living in the Caribbean because Belize has one of the lowest inflation rates in the world.  

 You can take advantage of the best postal service in the region because Belize has daily service from and to the U.K. and U.S.   

You can get low-cost or even free medical and dental care… prescriptions too…  

 You can enjoy tranquility, Belize is peaceful, a politically stable democracy that has never experienced war.  Even the police don’t normally carry guns. 

Every one of your U.S. dollars equals two Belize dollars …  Belize has never had a currency devaluation.  

You can work, live, and own property in Belize without having to give up your present citizenship…. You can become a permanent resident of Belize quickly and easily ... Citizenship is inexpensive and available if you want it.   

You can get a piece of property for as little as $17.50 a year…. that’s seventeen dollars and fifty cents U.S.!  

You can enjoy world-class fishing, boating, and diving on the 2nd longest coral reef on earth. This reef protects some 200 small tropical islands and atolls, most are uninhabited, and some are even up for sale.   

If you’re a retiree, snowbird or pensioner trying to squeeze the most out of your fixed income, while trying to find the perfect escape from long cold winters … you’ll love Belize.  

Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur longing to try that new idea somewhere unhindered by a lot of red tape… or a telecommuter who’d rather work a laptop from a hammock than drive icy roads to work every morning … we think you’ll love Belize too. 

 Belize is also a great place to start a business. Some attorneys call Belize the most user-friendly, tax efficient business center in the world due to its favorable tax laws and offshore legislation.   

Maybe you’re just a romantic, adventurer, or freedom-seeker looking for a new place that hasn’t been spoiled yet … if so don’t pass up this opportunity to find out more about Belize… 

 Belize is located about 200 miles south of Cancun, Mexico on the Caribbean coast. Belize used to be called British Honduras and is an independent English speaking country about the size of the state of Massachusetts.   

Belize is home to exotic birds, brilliant butterflies, over 600 Mayan ruins, 1,000-foot waterfalls and tropical rainforest.  

Did you know that Belize is one of the least populated countries in the world with only 220,000 residents in the whole country? ...And that Belize has no smog, crowds, or traffic.  

Belize is a great place to enjoy a laid back lifestyle with just about everything you need just a short walk or bike ride away. One can actually live in Belize on as little as $450 per person per month.   

Our book tells how we did it, and how you can do it too. Order yours today! 

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Vanishing Retirement

  Right now 80% of “retirees” in the U.S. are still working… 80%…that’s a very high figure. Why are so many of you, who are supposed to be enjoying your golden years still working? Some of you want to… you love your job or maybe you think you’ll be bored if you stop working … that’s fine.  

But, a lot of you are retirement age and beyond are still working because you have to; you need the money… your pension, social security or investments are not enough to live on … the way you want to live.  You really can’t afford to retire!  

Millions of “baby boomers” are desperate to retire but the sad truth is that rising costs are eating-up retirement nest eggs at an alarming rate. Some have been counting on retirement funds, pension plans, and social security to carry them through the sunset years, but the painful fact is that retirement isn’t what it used to be.  

“The Economic Policy Institute” published a study that found more than 40% of mid-life workers face retirement with less than half of their pre-retirement income…  

…So, the American dream of spending your retirement having fun in the sun in places like Florida, Arizona, or California just isn’t economically possible for a lot of people anymore.  

The idea of being able to retire … really retire … never having to work another day if you don’t want to … living in sunshine year-round, fishing, swimming, boating, and diving, whenever you want… and living well, and doing it all on a small amount of money … is a dream that appeals to a lot of us … and Belize is one of the few places left on earth where you can still do this on a small amount of money… we do!

You must read our book.  Order now!


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We learned the hard way… But you don’t have to

If we would have known all that we know now when we moved to Belize we would have saved thousands of dollars and months… no, years of hassles.  

Our book has information that you just would not know unless you came to Belize and lived here for quite a while!   

Our book covers:

  Getting to Belize by car, bus, boat, ferry, and air, details on getting there and saving money doing it, including our “secret” of how to save hundreds of dollars on air fare to Belize.  We even share some of our own “interesting” experiences including what to do, and not do, if you get into an accident while driving thorough Mexico. See Chapter 4   

The lay of the land: We’ll give you a geographical outline of Belize, plus descriptions of different regions of the country and why they may or may not appeal to you.  See Chapter 5  

The real nitty gritty on day to day life in Belize, food, pets, health care, shopping, transportation.  We also tell you how to get the most for your money in Belize when exchanging currency. See Chapter 8  

 How to move to Belize.

  What to bring with you and what to leave at home: Appliances furniture, information on shipping companies, and our formula for how to rent a house for less.   See Chapter 10

Our book

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Our Story

  We first heard about Belize by way of a “60 Minutes” segment in the 1980’s. What we saw and heard almost sounded too good to be true. We wanted to see it for ourselves, so we did a few months later.

We loved the tropical weather, the relaxed and friendly people, and the clean air and water.

We went back home just long enough to sell off what we didn’t need, and pack up everything we thought we couldn’t live without.  

We rented a lovely 3-bedroom house overlooking the Caribbean for only $150 a month. We were buying delicious tropical fruits for just pennies and an entire pound of lobster tail for $5.  

Every afternoon we’d walk out our front door a few feet and plunge into the sparkling Caribbean … it was hard to believe it was real at first.  

One especially dazzling afternoon, while floating in that warm, clear, ocean water, after a delicious lobster salad lunch with a brilliant autumn sun on my back, I realized how well we were living … and on so little money.  I remember asking my husband Bill:  “How much do you think it would cost us to live like this back home in Southern California?” He said: “A person would probably have to be a millionaire…. and even then the air and water could never be this clean and beautiful.” I said: “Why don’t more people on social security or small pensions do what we’re doing, and live in a place like this?” Bill’s answer was so simple yet so profound. I still remember it: “Maybe they don’t know they can!”  

Soon after we got settled in our new home we wrote a 10-page letter home to family and friends, updating them on our new life, we included lots of details.

We copied the letter and mailed it out. Then, we began getting letters back, lots of them…but not from the family and friends we’d written to, but from friends of friends and total strangers!

Our letter had been passed around and read by many people we didn’t even know, and now they were all writing, asking for the same information … How can they live in Belize?  

 At first, we tried answering the letters by hand but as time went on it was more than we could handle. But, the experience made us realize that our letter had touched a common cord in people; and that we were doing something many people dream of.  

Our beach-house was next to a hotel, and often times while curled up in our hammock on the veranda with a good book and a delectable afternoon breeze, a tourist would ask us the same question we’d heard time and again: “Excuse me, but do you live here?” And then they would always ask:  “ How do you do it?”  

Eventually (I don’t know why it took us so long) we got the idea to write a book about living in Belize.  We wrote down everything we wished we would have known about living in Belize before, and shortly after we moved here…  

Belize Not Just For Retirees

  We now realize that people are interested in Belize for a lot more reasons than just retirement.  With the advent of the personal computer and the Internet it is now possible to “telecommute”… Live anywhere in the world you want and run your business back home or keep the job you had working for someone else.  

People write and ask us about obtaining a second passport, buying property, building houses, starting a business, getting jobs, offshore banking…even how to find love and romance in Belize … you name it they’ve asked it.   

This started us writing our special reports to address areas of specific interest. We designed them to be storehouses of information condensed into a few concentrated pages. Most of this information is not available anywhere else, there are no books or articles on these subjects. And we continually update these reports as information changes. All of these reports contain usable and difficult to obtain government forms, only available in Belize.    

Here are our 3 most popular special reports

      Buying Property/Building a House in Belize

Buying Property Report

Ever dreamed of taking a piece of raw untouched forest and carving it into your own personal tropical paradise…complete with towering trees and waterfalls?

How about owning ocean front property with your own white sandy beach…or even your very own tropical island?

People like you are doing all these things in Belize where land is abundant and inexpensive.  From a beachfront lot for your new home to acreage for a cattle ranch or farm, it’s all available in Belize.

As a foreigner in Belize you can buy property and get title to it in your own name.  We show you how you can do it quickly and easily.  We’ll even show you how you can get a piece of land from the government of Belize for as little as $17.50 a year!

Also learn what types of houses are the best to build in Belize and what building materials are available. Includes usable government forms necessary to buy land or apply for a land grant.  178 pages. Add to Cart  

   Starting a Business/Working in Belize

Starting a Business Report

If you have always dreamed of starting your own business but were discouraged by the rules, regulations, red tape, and overhead, Belize is for you.  It’s an entrepreneur’s paradise where your creativity won’t be hindered by bureaucracy.

Or if you’d like to be able to use your knowledge and experience you can set your own schedule and fees and work as a consultant for a company in Belize.

  You can take your existing business offshore in Belize and save lots of money.  Details on getting a work permit and wages for yourself and employees.  Includes usable government forms.  101 pages.  Add to Cart

   How to Become a Permanent Resident of Belize / Obtain a Belizean Passport

Permanent Resident Report

You can get the benefits of being a permanent resident, even a citizen of Belize without having to give up your current citizenship and without having to spend a certain amount of time in country.

  Belize offers 2 types of permanent residency programs, both have advantages, one available in as little as a few weeks.

  See which is right for you and get the forms necessary to apply for either.

Now more than ever people are interested in getting a second passport for safe, secure travel as well as privacy issues.

  Belize is one of the few countries on earth where you can get a second passport inexpensively; once you qualify the fee is only $150.  All usable government forms included.  31 pages.


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